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I hadn't been using UbuntuOne but now that I'm looking at ways to sync my phone and desktop addresbooks, I'm trying it again. I walked through the setup instructions but wasn't seeing anything in the device tabs. So I followed the troubleshooting tips for 10.04 Lucid, and got as far as the Access Confirmation dialog. Now I see my desktop listed on the UbuntuOne preferences device tab, but I don't have the option to connect to it.

I'm using NetworkManager -- there's nothing fancy about my ethernet connection. There's nothing revealing in .cache/ubuntuone/log/oauth-login.log

2011-05-24 17:04:47,645:645.283937454 ubuntuone-login Starting Ubuntu One login manager version 1.2.2

Nor in .cache/ubuntuone/log/u1-prefs.log

2011-05-24 17:04:45,618 - ubuntuone-preferences - DEBUG - starting

What am I missing here?

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