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I am used to use the numeric keypad for navigation (e.g. : [KP7] -> Start, [KP1] -> End, [KP4] -> Left, etc... ). I am also used to use it for selection (e.g. : Shift+[KP7] -> Select from cursor position to beginning of line, Shift+[KP1] -> Select from cursor position to end of line, etc...)

With the keyboard configuration installed with Ubuntu, though, Shift+[KP7] prints the character "7", Shift+[KP1] prints "1", etc...

How can I change this so that Shift+[KP-key] is not mapped to [key], but to Shift+[KP-key] ?

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This one, though duplicate, has:… has the same answer, plus another one suitable for recent releases. – Victor Sergienko Jan 21 '14 at 8:26
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I finally found out there was a standard ubuntu option to set this :

  • Open "keyboard preferences" ; in the "Layouts" tab, click the "Options..." buton
  • Look for the "Miscellaneous compatibility options" group
  • Select the "Shift with numeric keypad keys work as in MS Windows" checkbox.
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May not be the exact method, but think this helps

# gconf-editor

If gocnf-editor is not installed, install it with apt-get.

Then browse to apps->metacity->global_keybindings.

There you can find Name and value columns. Some are filled. Unfilled ones have "value" set as "disabled". Select anyone of them and set the desired key.

Now you have to assign the command to be invoked. For that move to the next option "keybinding_commands" (apps->metacity->keybinding_commands). Corresponding to the Name-Value pair set earlier set the command to be invoked.

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