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I am using Ubuntu 10.10 from last two months, I faced many problems while installing and stabilizing the OS [first tried to normal dual boot, but had to install through wubi]. It cost me three re-installations and loss of some data to stabilize my OS.

Currently the upgrade manager constantly shows that an upgrade to 11.04 is available for my system.

What should I check before I go ahead for upgrade?

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Here are some ideas:

  • Live system: I think the easiest way to check the stability of a new version of Ubuntu is to run it from a live CD or a USB stick. Personally, I would recommend creating a persistent Ubuntu system on a USB stick using Startup Disk Creator. Boot the system, install any drivers, and test any applications you rely on.

  • No PPAs: If you want a smooth upgrade, I would recommend against PPAs. If you have enabled some PPAs, uninstall its packages before upgrading your system.

  • Backups: Another safe precaution is to make a backup. Backups are always a good idea anyway.

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