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I have some ubuntu (version 13.10) servers which I can access throught ssh.

It is all fine, but I'd like to access them with a gui, so to handle some operations more efficiently.

Of course I'd like to NOT install any desktop environment on the server itself, I'd just like a way to see what there is on that server with a gui on client side...don't know if I explained myself well.

Would it be possible?

I am currently using kubuntu 13.10.

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If you need to manage files and folders, you can use sftp:

1. Open File Manager and press Ctrl+L
2. Type: sftp://remoteip/

If you want to view the remote ubuntu desktop (like teamviewer), you can use remmina:

sudo apt-get remmina 

to install remmina remote desktop client

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It depends on the applications you want to manage, some applications have web clients you can use. mdadm and deluge-d come to mind.

Otherwise you're best off writing few scripts to handle your common operations. If you set them up right you could execute them from your ubuntu machine

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The actual answer you want is yes it can.

I would recommend using xrdp/vnc, or teamviewer.

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