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When undocking my laptop from twinview external monitors back to a single screen I would like to have a single command to move all windows onto my primary screen.

Although nvidia does some of the work so that I can see the edge of the windows, moving each one with the mouse, keyboard or compiz plugins takes time.

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You can use wmctrl and a little bash script to loop through the windows and then position them onto your primary display. I threw this together. It might be sufficient for you.

#! /bin/bash

#dump the list of windows to a file
wmctrl -l > /tmp/window_list.txt
x=40; y=40

#read the window information from the file
while read id sticky host win_title; do

    #move any non-sticky windows except the desktop
    if [ "$sticky" == "0" -a "$win_title" != "x-nautilus-desktop" ]
        wmctrl -i -r $id -e 0,$x,$y,-1,-1
        x=$(($x + 40))
        y=$(($y + 40))

done < /tmp/window_list.txt

#delete the temporary file
rm /tmp/window_list.txt
exit 0

Save it to a file called "" or something and give it execute permissions with chmod +x and then create a launcher for it.

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Oh, almost forgot. I don't use Unity so I'm not sure what it will do in that environment. – Ramón May 26 '11 at 0:26
Yep it need some tweaks for unity, ill test again tomorrow. – Cas May 26 '11 at 1:38
Thank you! Your script was very useful in finding a workaround for a bug I had with openbox (it would crash every time I switched monitor configuration if a window was on an external monitor). – Glutanimate Mar 7 '13 at 4:14

I would love to find a better solution, but Compiz has Grouping of windows.

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