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NOTE: Please lock this topic, a friend of mine found out I was installing the wrong Drivers, which is probably the reason why this didn't work in the first place. (before anyone says it, yes, I am an idiot)

Just to make a long story short, I am having problems trying to make Ubuntu play videos on an 3D tv through an HMI cable. What's weird is that everything except for the video-playing programs (like VLC or Totem) seems to work perfectly fine.

Now, I have been experimenting with different codecs, drivers and video-players but I have been unable to find a proper solution. I was able to work my way around with "SMPlayer" video-player, because it allows me to create a buffer for the videos, giving the videos the resolution I was aiming for.

However, this doesn't solve the problem of playing DVDs, since I can not create buffers for DVDs. This is an issue because I wanted to use the Laptop as a media-center, but for that I am required to get rid of my DVD-player.

Any ideas?

Old post

You see, wanted to set up a media-center using my Ubuntu Laptop, but I'm having some issues. To provide context, I have plugged in my UbuntuLaptop into a Samsung3DTV using an HDMI cable. I know for a fact that the TV and the cable work fine because I have previously connected a Laptop with windows 7 and everything worked perfectly. However, when using my Ubuntu Laptop I can not see regular videos properly. For some unknown reason the quality GREATLY decreases when trying to see stuff on VLC or SMPlayer. With DVDs this decrease is even worse. (the image gets all grainy) The weird thing is that everything works fine outside the videos. I can use OpenOffice, surf the web, read .pdf files, and even see full-screened YouTube videos with perfect image quality. Everything looks very sharp, and the text is really easy to read. I have tried to configure everything properly. The size and refresh rate are those of the same as the TV. The TV is configured to receive a PC on the (HDMI/DVI) entrance. The driver manager suggests no update. I have even checked and installed some libraries people suggested online, to no avail. So my question is: what could possibly be the problem here? Perhaps some libraries or video drivers are just not working the way they should? Should I try installing something else? Or could it be something else entirely? I really appreciate the help. Nac.

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I'd test your video codecs and software. –  Mayukh Nair Apr 17 '14 at 2:04
Please post a screenshot that shows the artifacts. –  LiveWireBT Apr 17 '14 at 5:29

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