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I have two Ubuntu 13.10 desktop computers on a same WLAN. I have setup a Samba share of the Music directory of the computer 1. I mount the Music directory as a Samba share in the computer 2. I can access the mp3 files from the shared Music directory and everything seems to work just fine. I can transfer files from computer 2 to computer 1, and vice versa, over the network connection at a speed of over 1 Mb/s.

However, when I am at computer 2 and I try to use Banshee music player to play music from the mounted Samba share, it fails miserably: on most songs, the music starts to play but after 4 seconds, the music just stops. The progress indicator keeps moving but no audio. If I move the progress indicator, I get about one second of audio and then it goes mute again. With Rhythmbox, I get no audio at all from the mp3 files from the Samba share.

The experience is similar of trying to use Youtube with a bad internet connection: sometimes you get a few seconds of audio but usually not.

Playing the same mp3 files locally on computer 1 with Banshee or Rhythmbox works without any problems.

I can also copy the files from computer 1 to computer 2 and play them like that, but I would like to have a single collection of music that is shared between computers. How can I do that?

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For sharing between Linux computers, you may have a better experience with NFS. –  Nattgew Apr 16 '14 at 19:06

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