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bup defaults to saving backups to ~/.bup. How can I tell it to save backups to my external drive (/media/backups) instead?

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From bup's manpage:



    -d, --bup-dir=BUP_DIR
          use  the given BUP_DIR parameter as the bup repository location,
          instead of reading it from the $BUP_DIR environment variable  or
          using the default ~/.bup location.

So either start it with the -d switch or set the $BUP_DIR variable.

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Thanks. I'd been looking in the manuals for bup-index and bup-save — the commands I'm actually using — and neither one mentions --bup-dir, $BUP_DIR, or the existence of global options. – ændrük May 24 '11 at 13:29

One way would be to symlink .bup there:

ln -s /media/backups ~/.bup
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