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for generating the server application using AARDVARK, to access the NFCC, when I am entering make command in this directory:



objects/linux_porting_hal.o: In function PDriverReceiveThread': /home/mca140/Desktop/nfc/Open Nfc - 4.5.1/core/porting/linux/client_server/server/microread/hal_aardvark/linux_porting_hal.c:505: undefined reference tog_pNALBinding'  
objects/linux_porting_hal.o: In function GetNALBinding': /home/mca140/Desktop/nfc/Open Nfc - 4.5.1/core/porting/linux/client_server/server/microread/hal_aardvark/linux_porting_hal.c:608: undefined reference tog_pNALBinding' collect2: error: ld  
returned 1 exit status make[1]: * [server] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mca140/Desktop/nfc/Open Nfc - 4.5.1/core/porting/linux/client_server/server/microread/hal_aardvark' make: * [check] Error 2

Can you help me to solve the problem.

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