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When I print a website to PDF, the file name saves with a weird box-symbol  with F022 inside. Anyone know why? I'm new to Ubuntu, and not sure if this is a problem with my system, maybe I installed something wrong, not sure....

After Googling, I found it toward the middle of this webpage:

The following is from the website:

string.toUpperCase() 
string.toLowerCase() 

Someone else posted a similar issue 2years ago on this tread: Text inside files has squares with numbers in it but they were getting it due to OCR it sounds like. In anycase HP M......

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That symbol represent no other thing but a unicode character. Basically, it displays that kind of characters (the ones with hexadecimal numbers inside a square) when the particular character is not supported by the font you're currently using.

You can check, if you've got a font which is able to display it, in the following link:

And here they are the fonts which support that character:

I doesn't look like is a particular issue of your system or of your installation. I neither can to display that character.


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