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I'm running Ubuntu 13.10 (saucy salamander) and need the Network Audio System service (package nas, version 1.9.3-6) which relies on /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer so I installed the OSS Proxy Daemon osspd (a userland OSS emulation). osspd starts up fine on boot but nas fails with these 2 lines in the syslog:

Apr 14 08:52:54 ubuntu nas[11697]: Network Audio System Release 1.9.3
Apr 14 08:52:54 ubuntu nas[11698]: Init: Output open(/dev/dsp) failed: Input/output error

Trying to bring up nas after boot with service nas start adds the same two lines to the syslog.

The weird thing is: On the commandline, running start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --startas /usr/bin/start-nas --exec /usr/bin/nasd -- -- which is more or less what happens when you run service nas start -- starts the daemon perfectly:

Apr 14 08:54:34 ubuntu nas[11700]: Network Audio System Release 1.9.3
Apr 14 08:54:34 ubuntu nas[11701]: Init: Output open(/dev/dsp) failed: No such file or directory, using output device
Apr 14 08:54:34 ubuntu nas[11701]: initMixer: could not open input mixer device /dev/mixer1: No such file or directory
Apr 14 08:54:34 ubuntu nas[11701]: initMixer: using output mixer /dev/mixer for input

Any idea what's going on? How can that be?

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