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When login in I get

/etc/bash_completion.d/gzip: permission denied
/etc/bash_completion.d/resolvconf: permission denied

I login and sudo to root. Then I see similar errors when I try to run executables in /usr/sbin & /usr/local/bin. All permissions look correct but when I check with "file" command I see "executable, regular file, no read permissions" I stress all files have correct permissions e.g 755.

For example

sudo su -

/usr/sbin/service postfix status returns

-su: /usr/sbin/service: permission denied

Anyone seen this before, or offer any assistance, please?

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Please add the output of mount command (to check if there is some strange flag in the mount options), and the full ls -l of one of the executable failing and off all the dirs leading to it (for example, for /usr/bin/test, ls -l /usr/bin/test, ls -ld /usr/bin, ls -ld /usr, ls -ld /) –  Rmano Apr 14 '14 at 15:06

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