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The recognized flavors of Ubuntu as of 14.04 release are:

  • Edubuntu - Ubuntu for Education
  • Ubuntu GNOME - Ubuntu with a pure GNOME desktop
  • Kubuntu - Ubuntu with the KDE desktop environment
  • UbuntuKylin - Ubuntu localised for China
  • Lubuntu - Ubuntu that uses LXDE
  • Mythbuntu - Designed for creating a home theatre PC with MythTV
  • Ubuntu Studio - Designed for multimedia editing and creation
  • Xubuntu - Ubuntu with the XFCE desktop environment

We know that Ubuntu 14.04 is an LTS release with 5 years of support. Which of these recognized flavors have been granted the LTS status for 14.04? And, for what duration?

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The decision to grant LTS status to recognized flavors is taken by The Ubuntu Technical Board.

All the recognized flavors have been granted the LTS status for 14.04. Their support duration are:

Supported for 5 years

  • Edubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • UbuntuKylin

Supported for 3 years

  • Ubuntu GNOME
  • Lubuntu
  • Mythbuntu
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Xubuntu

Meeting summary of The Technical Board.

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