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I am living in Romania, a central european country and I am trying to see a movie with an integrated subtitle . The problem is that the default video player does not display characters like 'ș', 'ț' even though I've tried all the central european encodings. Is there any fix for this?

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VLC can display Romanian diacritics marks if you go to VLC menu - Tools - Preferences - Subtitles and OSD, and choose from Default encoding section South-Eastern European (latin 10) .

This won't work for integrated subtitles so you can either choose to download Romanian subtitles and load them over the integrated subtitles or use ffdshow codec pack in Windows only to be able to change integrated subtitles default encoding to show Romanian diacritics.

I know mplayer has some extra features that allow users to also change default encoding for integrated subtitles but i really don't know how to do that in mplayer.

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Thank you, it's working. –  vladmateinfo Apr 13 at 14:04

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