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So...I recently burned a number of DVDs to ISO files in my computer. While about half seem to work, the other half don't actually play properly. I have tried this on a few media players.

  • Totem/VLC: If the DVD will play, it opens it instantly. If it won't play, it will consume ridiculous amounts of RAM, eventually load, and eventually not play when I click play.
  • Dragon: Regardless of whether the DVD will play, it loads the video previews and the DVD menu. When I hit play, however, it won't actually play.

I reckon that not everything was copied correctly or something. If I mount the DVD, I will be able to play some of the VOB files (at least the ones I tried...there are a lot of them). Are there any repair tools for ISOs burned from movie DVDs? Or is the only option to re-burn them? I used brasero to burn the DVDs and don't recall seeing any errors when I burned them...

I only ask because I don't have the physical DVDs I burned with me at the moment. Many thanks!

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