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Hello I have a Dell XPS with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed as stock. I also prefer using a mouse so I purchased the Lenovo thinkpad BT mouse (MOBTC9LA). The laptop has BT support and includes Bluez for bt connectivity. When I start the laptop there is no immediate BT connectivity. I have to open up blueman-manager and do a pairing with mouse. The mouse is detected and the connected and everything works. I am fine with doing this for now, eventually I would like this to be automated so that at startup it works.

The problem is that a few minutes (10-15) into work my mouse all of the sudden dies. I open the blueman-manager to connect and cannot do so. It seems the adapter is not being detected for some odd reason. I try to restart the bluetoothd service and that does not seem to help. I basically end up either having to use the trackpad of the laptop or restarting my laptop to do this all over. In the end I just use the trackpad. I know that wireless mouse are much easier to deal with but currently I do have the BT mouse so I'd like to use it.

My previous laptop Sony Vaio I had setup the bluetooth manually using dbus commands going through an online tutorial. After doing this manually it worked perfectly, I would start my computer and wallah mouse worked and never dropped. I had Lubuntu running on that laptop but no matter I would have thought that this would carry over to the "newer and better" laptop. This laptop is suppose to be fully linux compatible since Dell ships it with Linux pre-installed.

I am just not too happy that I invested into this laptop and now can't use it the way I prefer. Does anyone know why BT on Linux is so wishy washy? I've read other threads relating to similar issues and some say BT support has gone down the wrong path with Linux. Anyone have suggestions? downgrading bluez? or any other suggestions? I am tempted to get a USB hub (my laptop only has 2 ports) and ditch BT but that just irks me cause I do want my machine to fully work.

Anyway, I did not purchase this laptop to become a full-time admin. My intention was to use if fully for software development but it's slowing me down with issues like this.

If you need additional info for me to post, let me know please.

Thank you for any advice!

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