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I am running the latest stable version of Transmission (version 2.31 from the Transmission ppa). Any time I try to log in to the web user interface, I get hit with this:

409: Conflict

Your request had an invalid session-id header.

To fix this, follow these steps:

When reading a response, get its X-Transmission-Session-Id header and remember it Add the updated header to your outgoing requests When you get this 409 error message, resend your request with the updated header This requirement has been added to help prevent CSRF attacks.

X-Transmission-Session-Id: CBcYiodnQIHKYkhr9EceZOMW3ICgMSgt6j2FTCOXbcunA1tK

Anyway, I've had this problem with Transmission for the last couple of versions, and I haven't been able to find an answer as to how to fix this anywhere online. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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What is the URL you're trying to use?

Don't forget the trailing slash http://host:9091/transmission/web/ (it makes all the difference)

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I don't even have apache installed. In the past, I didn't need to install or tinker with apache at all to get the webui to work. Also, I'm using URL format host:9091/transmission/web –  Ken May 25 '11 at 10:52
sorry, misunderstood. Updated answer. –  hometoast May 25 '11 at 14:28
Omg, why the trailing slash is so important? I can't beleave that this resolved the problem. –  KoCMoHaBTa Apr 27 at 5:31

Try adding #files to the end of the address. e.g /web/#files.

It worked for me.

I was even able to take the #files off it once I had logged in and it still worked for some strange reason?

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