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I'd like to expand my disk space in Ubuntu. Right now, it has 30 GB space which is the maximum allowable installation size in Wubi.

I wanted to extend it to 50 GB so I've done a live resizing according to this website

I've already executed the first command which is:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero bs=1MiB of=/host/ubuntu/disks/root.disk conv=notrunc oflag=append count=20480

After 10 minutes I've executed the 2nd command:

sudo losetup -c /dev/loop0/

But it outputs an error:

loop: can't set capacity on device /dev/loop0/: Not a directory

Is there anything I can do to work this around?

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I've solved it.

It seems I've put it an extra slash at the code:

sudo losetup -c /dev/loop0/

Whereas it should it be:

sudo losetup -c /dev/loop0

I've successfully expanded my partitions with no problems.

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