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I am trying to get the internet working on my computer running ubuntu linux. I got the ASUS USB-N13 network adapter because I heard it is supposed to work out of the box with linux. Well mine didn't.

I believe it may be because of conflicting drivers installed on the system but I truly have no idea or how to check that.

I tried to install windows drivers for another network adapter I had using ndiswrapper but didn't get anything to work so I bought the ASUS network adapter. It shows that there is a network but doesn't connect to it.

I tried finding information online how to install the drivers for this network adapter and found some information but I didn't try it yet because I also found that there is a possibility that there are conflicting drivers. I'm wondering if I might have any because of previously trying to install other drivers.

How do I check if I have any conflicting drivers and how do I get rid of them?

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