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I was trying to remove grub 2.

I went into advance options of boot repair and selected 'restore MBR'. Then in MBR options I selected boot windows partition.

After restarting I found the grub2 menu still exist plus whenever I try to load into windows UEFI boot loader I get

Error efi/boot/.. Not found.

Anyway to fix this ?

Also My system partition appears in gparted, so that means It hasn't been deleted but It doesn't appear in file manager .

I'm using a Sony vaio with preinstalled windows 8.

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why not boot with windows dvd and perform repair. Much easier and faster. –  Web-E Apr 11 '14 at 8:36
If Windows 8 is preinstalled, all boot loaders are in the efi partition. Just deleting a Linux partition will leave the efi files for the grub boot loader in the efi partition. But do not delete the efi partition or the Windows efi folder in the efi partion. Also UEFI has NVRAM and saves old entries, so if you delete a boot folder in the efi partition, it may still show in UEFI until you remove that. I do not think Boot-Repair can fix a Windows UEFI boot issue. You will need your Windows repair flash drive. –  oldfred Apr 11 '14 at 21:46

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