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I'm a KDE user with one or two of Gnome applications, notably Tomboy Notes. So far I've not experienced any actual issues that I could pin point to being caused by having Gnome libs on my KDE based Kubuntu system.

But I often hear that Gnomers avoid KDE apps and KDE'ers avoid Gnome apps. My question is WHY!?

Extra libs of course means more software to update, more software that can cause bugs, more potential security holes, and more space used on hard drive. But are their any real problems caused, eg incompatibilities or clashing functionalities? I am so much interested in Desktop environment integration issues like missing right-click or double-click functionality on tray icons or inconsistent file dialogs, and so on.

Note: While writing this I noticed that the version of Celectia that I have installed is the Gnome version. How that happened I don't know but this raises another question: Is there a way I can list all application that are non-KDE native? Eg check for applications that depend on specific Gnome packages (or maybe depend on any GUI tool kits other than Qt or GTK or XXX?)

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On low-end hardware, the increased RAM usage and number of daemons running in the background can be a problem. I'm posting in a comment because you're interested in incompatibilities and DE integration. –  ignis Apr 11 '14 at 8:08
For "check for applications that depend on specific packages", see How do I determine what packages require a certain library?, How to list package dependencies (reverse dependencies)? and others. –  ignis Apr 11 '14 at 8:10

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