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First two link numbers are 7229750 and 99, followed by...


...and finally...


After several attempts (re above URLs) with boot repair, I was finally able to boot into my Ubuntu 12.04 installation, but despite trying everything I could think of, XP still not recognized as a boot option.

The problems began when I tried 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 using the windows loader to install it beside Windows 7, also 64-bit.

At first, I was able to see only the boot menu with windows XP (16-bit) as default and Windows 7 as the other option, but after selecting one (XP or maybe it was Windows 7, not sure) of the options, I would find another boot menu with the option to boot Ubuntu.

Since that was a bit weird, and 64-bit Ubuntu was nearly as slow as 64-bit Windows 7, I decided to install 32-bit Ubuntu instead. The windows installer link for that version seemed to be broken and directed me instead to an iso copy, which I burned and installed from DVD, overwriting the partition containing the two 64-bit OSes.

Unfortunately, each successive step from there has only made it seem less likely that I can get to my original XP installation, though the files seem to still be all there.

To be specific, XP and it's files appear intact on original windows C which I think is SDA1, but it does not appear as a boot option even though I've tried making it my default in at least two ways. Windows 7 has been wiped, both through Ubuntu partitioning and installation, and through Windows, while XP was still booting. This leaves Ubuntu (32-bit) as the only installation on the second physical drive. SDB5 is /, 6 for /home, and 7 for swap.

Hope that made some kind of sense, and any help is much appreciated!

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