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I want to ask about Openstack HA.

Actuallly this is Active/passive mechanism (CMIW). I want to create replicate between both of machine include instance and data inside instance. The Active one will replicated to Passive one, right ?

Now my condition is

  1. Server1

    • Pacemaker + Corosync
  2. Server2

    • Pacemaker + Corosync
    • Openstack (nova,glance,keystone,horizon)

On Both my machine have to be on cluster.

Now i'm on progress install Openstack on Server1. But i have problem.

When i try to create tenant "admin", it said that tenant "admin" have been exist.

I try to execute keystone tenant-list, it's right that tenant admin and all of tenants from Server2 have been exist, i think it's because of Openstack on Server2 have been to be one cluster with Server1

My question is :

  1. On Server1, should i create another tenant, rule, etc which different from tenant,rule, and etc from Server2 ?

  2. How about floating Ip and Fixed IP. should i create different network too ?


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