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My Machine: Thinkpad E540, Ubunutu 13.10


I have several problems with my wifi internet connection. I assume that my problem is (strongly) related to this problem:

No wifi connection on Ubuntu 13.10

The patch there helped, however I still have several issues:

1) My Wifi is (sometimes) not listed at all in the list of available networks

2) My Wifi is (sometimes) greyed out in the list of available networks

3) When connection to my wifi, I get asked for the password again and again.

4) Sometimes the connection works fine but suddenly stops

5) Sometimes the connection is very slow all the time (e.g. 8kb)

In between those problems, it works fine. I had no problems under Ubuntu 12.10. It is quite a frustrating problem. My guess so far is, that the hardware is not sufficiently supported in 13.10 and my hope is on the next 14.04 release.

So, basically my question is:

Does anybody know, if an upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 is likely to fix those issues?

Any reply/help much appreciated!

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