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Please help me to find the way to know about Linux (Ubuntu) and everything associated with that. I want to know about the internal working of Ubuntu and how to manage it. I am a computer student and want to know everything about linux.

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I ll recommend you to start with LPIC-1 2013 Linux professional institute certification study guide, i believe is a good starting point it will teach you heaps from the very basic , you can download the pdf version of the book easily if you cant find it let me know and i will happily email it to you.

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Yes please tell me the site to find it out – Swapnil Goyal Apr 10 '14 at 6:48
cant remember the site where i got it please send me an email to and ill email it to you or anyone interested on it – sebas Apr 10 '14 at 7:54

This is a really broad question.

If you dig around in here there are a lot of helpful hints:

If you are interested in the source code:

Where can I find the source code of Ubuntu?

If you want to manage parts of ubuntu it will very much depend on what you are interested in.

Learn how to use man and info. Maybe do some reading on syscalls:

If you want a from he ground up experience of linux, maybe start with a "minimal install" and build it up. Maybe try installing arch linux, or slackware.

Do some reading on Upstart, or crontab.

If you are interested in GUI type stuff maybe look into the documentation for NUX (

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You can find complete details of ubuntu via following links, - book will helpfull for startup ubuntu - help on ubuntu - info about ubuntu - as you used it... you can ask anything about ubuntu

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