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Perhaps I missed something, but all over the internets are articles on running Ubuntu on an ARM Chromebook (I have the HP 11) with Crouton. Has anyone installed Ubuntu on an HP 11 Chromebook w/o Crouton? I'd prefer to run Linux in a non-chroot environment. I've read inklings that Ubuntu 14.x will support ARM Chromebooks, I've read that Chrubuntu doesn't work with an HP 11. I'm currently running ArchlinuxArm, but it's quirky at best and requires a lot of manual intervention to get basic things working (I'd prefer not to search SO to figure out how to keep the system clock from resetting, connecting to wifi-as non-root, making power-management work, etc.). The information/links provided here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/arm don't seem applicable, I don't want a server or an OMAP installation. Or can I install an ARM server on a chromebook and then pile on ubuntu-desktop packages?

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