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Can anyone explain me... why on vmware guest ubuntu, cpu is faster than on host ubuntu... with 'pyrit benchmark'

System: CPU: i7 3770 (HyperThreading Enabled) RAM: 24Gb GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost

I have a dualboot:

Windows 7 & ubuntu 12.04 lts

on Windows 7 installed vmware workstation 10, and guest os ubuntu 12.04 (the same as secondary boot).

Running "pyrit benchmark" command on both systems. Using only CPU (GPU driver is not installed)

On VMware Guest Ubuntu, i get about 617 PMKs/s * 8 cores ~ 4700-4900 PMKs/s

and on Host (secondary boot) Ubuntu i get about 213-250 PMKs/s per core ~ 1700 PMKs/s


And how can i get these rates in host Ubuntu? Thank you.

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