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Some background info first: I have used a Macbook for the past 6 years. It's finally failing, so I purchased an Asus 1015E-DS02 preloaded with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I am new to Linux. My cable internet provider is Time Warner. My modem is a Motorola Surfboard SB5101U. My wireless router is a Linksys Wrt54GL v1.1 with stock firmware 4.30.14. Both my router and modem were purchased "used" on ebay about 18 months ago. In addition to the new Asus laptop, I have 7 other wireless devices that had been functioning without problems on my network.

And now the problem: Within a couple hours of setting up the new laptop on my network, I began experiencing losses of wifi signal - my new laptop would display a message saying "wifi disconnected", then the laptop would show a "searching for network" indicator. Other devices on the network would display a similar "can't connect to wireless network" message. Within 1 minute, all wifi connections would re-connect. This repeats.

Via telephone conversation with Time Warner, the rep said my signal strength was low, so they sent a field tech out to fix it. The tech came and removed an excess splitter he found in my cable wiring and said that he fixed the signal strength problem. However, he stated that he was sure that my problem lies not with my signal strength, but with my router. He proved this by cutting power to the modem and my problem didn't replicate. He stated that my router is the only component that could cause the "wifi signal lost" messages on my devices. He stated that my router likely needs to be replaced. The wifi signal loss problem persists. It seems very coincidental that the signal loss occurred with the addition of the new device, but I don't know how to explain the relationship. Interestingly, I turned my Asus laptop off this morning and the wifi signal drops have ceased. Once I fired up the Asus machine, the signal drops returned.

Before I throw money into a new router, I want to identify the specific problem so I don't throw money into the wrong solution. What additional info can I provide to help identify my problem?

Thanks for reading!

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