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I am setting up Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS. I am using 120GB SSD for OS and 3x4TB in RAID 5 (software RAID 5) Here are my partitions that I configured during the initial installation: /, /boot, swap on SSD, and /home on RAID 5

I did it like this so I can use the SSD only for SSD, nothing else. and I want all of my data to be stored on the RAID 5 HDD.

My question is, when creating a directory to be shared through Samba, do those directories have to be made under /home folder?

In other words,

If I create a directory such as "/datastorage/video", instead of "/home/datastorage/video", and I put all my movie files there, will those movie files be stored on the RAID 5 HDDs?

Basically I just want to know if "/home" partition is the same as "/home" folder.

Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate the help.

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Yes, as long as the /home partition is mounted, everything in /home is stored on that partition.

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