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How to remove “Apps Available for Download” from the applications lens?

There may be other similiar questions. But I find this advertising as really unnecessary. It becomes useless and annoying after a while.

The whole 11.04 package looks pretty professional, Until the apps available for download pops up. There is already a software center. I hope they make a way to remove it. I don't know where to leave feedback for Ubuntu 11.04. Still working out a few problems on amd64 installation. But overall I am happy with 11.04 and unity.

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It's unprofessional indeed. I distinctly remember that the first thing presented to me after clicking the Applications icon in a fresh installation was something called Porn Viewer. – ændrük May 22 '11 at 19:12

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This is Canonical design, and they have idea how it should be used. You probably won't be able to remove this feature. Except if someone makes hack.

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