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Sorry if asking basic questions, but I'm new with Linux ... I installed Ubuntu 12.04 via wubi in an old laptop (along with windows XP). When starting the laptop I get a first screen asking to choose between Windows (1st option) and Ubuntu (2nd option). After choosing Ubuntu, it displays one line (disappearing immediately) with an error and something like NFTS (I think,as too quick to read) and then another booting selection screen, with 4 options, appears. Options are 1) Ubuntu normal, 2) Ubuntu recovery mode, 3) Previous Linux version (not sure why, but seems to appear since I followed the auto-update of the system post 12.04 installation), and 4) windows XP. Although everything seems to work (after choosing option 1) I'm not sure if I can fix the booting screen (going into the second screen with the 4 options)?

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