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So, I've been using Ubuntu on an off again for a few years, and I decided to permanently install it on a spare laptop that was gathering dust. It worked fine, but I did notice one little quirk, that it would no turn on unless it was plugged in to the wall. This first laptop was a gig of ram Vista relic Sony. So, I decide to dual boot on my main laptop, which is a Gateway that is close to two years old. I have the same problem on this laptop. There was a couple threads about this situation happening to people, but they never got resolved, only closed. So, can anyone help me out? Much appreciated!

EDIT: I should add that this is what happens when I boot it while it is not plugged into the charger (this goes for both laptops): GRUB comes up, I choose Ubuntu. Wait, wait, wait. A full minute later and I'm still staring at a dark purple screen instead of the desktop. Happens every single time.

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Look at the logs to see why it's hanging? –  Nattgew Apr 8 '14 at 17:18

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