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I my next Ubuntu installation I want to put /var and /tmp folders together in the same partition, but differente from /.

It's possible to do this from installer menu? As far as I know you can only select a folder from several options to mount in a certain partition.


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That is not possible. You can add both directories to the / partition or you can put /var and /tmp each on a seperate partition.


You can use a symlink and have /tmp store its files on a new directory like /var/temp/. That would require the following commands:

sudo mkdir /var/temp/
sudo rm -rf /tmp/
sudo ln -s /var/temp/ /tmp/

This also requires you to recreate the permissions to /tmp/.

sudo chmod 777 /tmp
sudo chmod +t /tmp/
sudo chown root:root /tmp/

Untested. Use at own risc:possible issue: you might have to set /var/temp/ with the same permissions as /tmp!

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