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I am having problems when I want to use a folder name containing a blank (Hentede filer in my case). It is in the line: Exec= Hentede filer of the .desktop file but that doesn't work.

[Downloads Shortcut Group]
Name=Hentede filer
Exec=nautilus Hentede filer
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Change it to nautilus "Hentede filer"

For future reference: you can test these by issueing the command in a terminal like so:


It will open it if it the command is correct or give an error message if it is not. Since I do not have a "Hentede filer" I get this message:


But as you can see it errors out on not finding it but it does show it tries to open it the way you want it to.

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Thanks a lot - it works. – Knud Petersen May 22 '11 at 21:57

Try changing to:

[Downloads Shortcut Group]
Name=Hentede filer
Exec=nautilus Hentede\ filer

In fact, in linux blanks are identified by the "\" key code (backslash+blank).

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Actually, the "\" (backslash) is used to prefix characters that cannot be entered as-is. So, when you enter "Hentede\ filer" the space will be made part of the parameter, not a parameter separator. – jfmessier May 22 '11 at 22:59

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