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  1. I wonder where can I get ubuntu-one for fedora, any suggestions?
  2. I want to sync my tablets (Android HoneyComb 3) with movies/pictures/music in my ubuntu-one account, is it possible? (I am not talking about ubuntu-one music)


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  1. When you said Ubuntu one for fedora, did you meant the Ubuntu one Control Panel, if you meant that, then there isn't one that I know of, but if you really want it, then try using the Ubuntu one for Windows in Fedora through wine.

  2. There isn't a app for Ubuntu one in Android HoneyComb yet, but I'm pretty sure the Tablet can access the Ubuntu one website, I not sure about download document to the tablet, but you should try.

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I wanted an end to end solution, Ill go with asuswebstorage. thanks – fatnjazzy May 22 '11 at 7:51
  1. About installing ubuntu one on Fedora maybe you can try this tutorial

  2. There is an ubuntu one app for android. If you have problems download it from Google Play (now I think is not a problem anymore), you can allways download from other markets like aptoide

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