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I want to use Guake at right monitor.

So I added this ppa by sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cberner/guake, and sudo apt-get update.


Instruction says that I can set monitor_index somehow. But I couldn't find how to configure.

Does someone know about this?

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I use two monitors and wanted Guake to be displayed on the right one (where by default it is displayed on the left one).

What I did was to edit my /usr/bin/guake/ file replacing the get_final_window_rect method with this:

def get_final_window_rect(self):
"""Gets the final size of the main window of guake. The height
is the window_height property, width is window_width and the
horizontal alignment is given by window_alignment.
screen = self.window.get_screen()
height = self.client.get_int(KEY('/general/window_height'))
width = 100
halignment = self.client.get_int(KEY('/general/window_halignment'))

# get the rectangle just from the first/default monitor in the
# future we might create a field to select which monitor you
# wanna use
monitor = 1 # use the right most monitor
window_rect = screen.get_monitor_geometry(monitor)
total_width = window_rect.width
window_rect.height = window_rect.height * height / 100
window_rect.width = window_rect.width * width / 100

if width < total_width:
    if halignment == ALIGN_CENTER:
        window_rect.x = (total_width - window_rect.width) / 2
        if monitor == 1:
                right_window_rect = screen.get_monitor_geometry(0)
                window_rect.x += right_window_rect.width
    elif halignment == ALIGN_LEFT:
        window_rect.x = 0
    elif halignment == ALIGN_RIGHT:
        window_rect.x = total_width - window_rect.width
window_rect.y = window_rect.y = 0
return window_rect

Basically, it uses 1 as the monitor index and later on, adds the right screen width to the start point display of the guake window

hope this helps!

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I haven't tested this but I think you can just edit /usr/bin/guake since it is a python script.


window_rect = screen.get_monitor_geometry(0) #line 824 on my machine

and change the 0 to the index of the monitor you want guake to display in.

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I edited the line 0 to 1 in /usr/lib/guake/guake.py. And restart guake, but nothing changes. –  Tetsu Apr 8 at 23:45

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