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thank you for reading this:

Recently I was given a project at my university to install Linux on 3 computers. We created a bootable disc and got to work, following the step-by-step instructions in: http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/install.html. The first computer was a success and we installed our MaaS and completed the process.

The problem came when the process was initiated on the other computers, which we were going to use as clients with the same MaaS. The window popped up asking us to "Specify MAAS by name or address" or "Create a new MAAS on this server" to which we chose the first option. Upon typing in our MaaS code (The http://[ip address]/MAAS) the machine shut itself down. I do not know where I went wrong.

I have a few days left and can complete by Monday and would prefer not to ask my instructor to assist me in the lab. Since I've already created a MaaS on one computer should I have chosen the "Install Ubuntu Server" at the beginning of the process? Or should I choose the "Create a new MAAS on this server option?"

Any advice you can give me is appreciated! I am very new to this.

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