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I have had to stop using Firefox. I have researched in Mozilla and other Ubuntu Forums. I'm running current FF, U11.04, and I have run the gamut disabling add-ons etc. I have Gmail and Google Reader as AppTabs or whatever they are called.

Within a few hours, and often within an hour, my whole system slows to a stop where a hard reboot is the only recovery.

CPU leaps to 98%. When this started to happen I got the pop up indicating that Javascript on a page had stopped functioning but asking to stop it had no effect on the huge memory leak. That popup no longer appears

There are "hints" on the interwebs that this is a gmail problem but nothing definitive. No problem in Chrome.

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What makes you conclude that there is a memory leak. You should check your memory usage to conclude that. It rather seems that you are in some kind of infinite loop. – johanvdw Sep 19 '11 at 19:04

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Try running Firefox in safe mode (with all addons disabled). To do so, go to Help -> Restart with addons disabled. Alternatively, close FF and run the command:

firefox -safe-mode
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This could be a profile issue with something that you have customised in your current profile.

To test this, try creating a new profile and dont modify it in any way i.e. use addons, personas etc.

firefox -p -no-remote

If after a day, the problem doesnt reoccur, slowly customise your firefox setup until you find the offending addon/theme etc.

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Created a new profile. Saw the issue again with gmail left open in an app tab. Been busy since but without app tab/gmail I'm not seeing the problem. ! am running all my addons already. I'll test both app tab and gmail tomorrow, but I strongly suspect it is one of those or both in combination. It is possible that the problem with one or both of those is a result of some interaction with an addon or one of the user scripts I use. I'll report back for completeness. – Charles Kane May 22 '11 at 14:48

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