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I am new to installing Ubuntu, but I managed to install wubi before. This time I created a bootable usb stick to install Ubuntu from, as explained here. I followed every step and used D:/ as the USB flash drive.

When I restarted my laptop, the Ubuntu installation menu showed up, but I couldn't select the option:

Try "Ubuntu" or "Install Ubuntu". 

When I hit Enter, my machine just restarts and goes back to the Ubuntu installation menu.

Please enlighten me.

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Your have asked two questions:

  1. How to install Ubuntu from a USB flash drive

  2. How to restore Grub menu after a failed Ubuntu installation.

One by one

  1. You have used a utility from I have not tested it so, I don't know how effectively it works. I suggest you to use Livelinuxusb creator. It is very fast and easy to use. You can use UNenbootin too. As far as failed Ubuntu installation is concerned it may be due to hardware conflict. Try reseting BIOS. If problem persists please comment with full hardware description.
  2. Boot from Windows Installation CD/DVD and do a startup repair. It will remove the grub startup menu and fix the issue. You can boot directly into Windows 7 afterwards.
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