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I'm still learning the command line, and I'm having trouble piping a list of files into graphicsmagick for conversion to pdf:

find . -type f | sort | gm convert file.pdf

This gives the error: gm convert: Request did not return an image.

Can I do this without resorting to more complicated methods?

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From the manual,

convert [ options ... ] input_file output_file

So you need to specify your files...

for i in `find . -type f | sort`
  gm convert "$i" "$i".pdf
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This looks like it will convert each individual file into a pdf. What I need is to convert a group of files into a single pdf. Will this do that? –  user2089518 Apr 13 at 3:43
No. You'll need to use some other mechanism to do that. One program that can combine multiple images into a multi-page PDF is xsane. –  Elliott Frisch Apr 13 at 3:47

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