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I am trying to "triple boot" with windows 7, debian, and xubuntu 13.10. I am having trouble getting xubuntu 13.10 to show up in the Grub menu, right now only windows and debian show up. I installed Xubuntu last, and when i did i chose "install alongisde the other operating systems". The install was successful, but now I can't boot. I used boot-repair the recommended way, i am hesitant to do anything crazy because i don't want to brick the machine.


If it helps, i plan to remove debian, i want to just use Xubuntu and Windows, but this seemed to be easier.


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Where did u install xubuntu on which drive? sdaX? I can only see the cd (usb drive) of xubuntu. –  Moga Apr 4 '14 at 2:19

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