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I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 7 (I will be switching away from Apple at next upgrade). I can connect to computer, without any "Trust this computer" loops like many people, because I installed the newest libimobiledevice. I am now trying to sync my music using Rhythmbox.

Rhythm will let me drag/drop music onto the iPhone, and even says that the music I've added is on the phone. But when I eject the iPhone the music I thought I added isn't there. If I leave the phone connected to my computer but close and reopen Rhythmbox, it shows that the music I hoped to sync is not present.

I installed Rhythmbox 3.0.1 according to these instructions, but the issue did not go away.

Has anyone had success with this issue, or an Idean about where I should be looking for guidance (i.e. where the Rhythmbox logs might be, to see if there is some silent error)?

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According to the libimobiledevice website Music Synchronization does not work with DBVersion > 4. This is the case for iPhone 4 and newer:

The iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1/2/3rd Gen and Apple TV do NOT work. Any device with DBVersion > 4 does NOT work. To check your DBVersion run "ideviceinfo -q -k DBVersion". WIP.

In order to get your music on your iPhone, you can either try to run iTunes with wine or you use a third-party player on your iPhone.

Seeing the state of the wine compatiblility page for iTunes you may need some luck.

When I was confronted with the same problem I went with the alternate player option. (I'm using AcePlayer, which even plays ogg-vorbis, although playlist handling could be better). Use ideviceinstaller -l to find the APPID of the player. Then just mount it with ifuse /mount/point --appid APPID and copy the files you want. Unmount with fusermount -u /mount/point.

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That sucks about libmobiledevice - I was hoping I was just kind of dumb. I'll look into AcePlayer (or a new phone :P ) – learner Apr 3 '14 at 23:39

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