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This is my third time asking this question. As soon as I log in desktop icons disappear and none of the windows open up. If they open up the close down immediately. Right after that my computer freezes up. Seems like an error with Nautilus. This has made working on the laptop really impossible. I don't Know the solution to this. Please help ASAP. It's a recurring problem.

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I know one's not supposed to ask for clarifications, but, it seems to me that the reason you are not getting any answers is that you are not providing enough information.

Think of:

  • Computer model, as exact as possible (some models come with an option to choose what chipsets you want in them, so give a full a description as possible: not just Apple Macbook)
  • When this problem first started occurring (what did you do, what did you install etc.)
  • What attempts you already made to recovering the bug (e.g., ran recovery mode, reinstalled Ubuntu). This, so aiders don't suggest you do things you actually already tried.
  • Any possible error message you may get.

Try reposting or editing this question with a little more information. It might help you gain an answer.

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