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My old laptop has XP on it and I wanted to use Xubuntu instead of it. Screen resolution is 1024x768 x32 bytes. It has a Nvidia graphic card and I use an external screen as the screen of the laptop is not working any more.

I first tried Xubuntu 12.04 and apart from it being a bit slow to load everything was working well (desktop, internet, ...). I therefore installed Xubuntu 12.04 (dual boot). The install seemed to be successful. But after the first boot I see the grub menu and then the screen gets black (maybe displaying a cursor for 1 minute), then the screen shows some flashes crossing the screen for a second (or in some other cases some writing which is distorted) before it says "no input" and goes to sleep.

I tried to edit the grub line, adding nofb, nomodeset, vga=790 ecc. as described in different posts (for example My computer boots to a black screen, what options do I have to fix it?) I also tried to change the resolution (93K, 56K, 16K, ...) of the external screen itself. But the screen remains black.

The strange thing is, that when I press the power button to shut it down, the blue Xubuntu OS graphical screen appears normally for some seconds before the laptop shuts down.

Any idea? Thank you

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