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I have a computer that serves as some kind of HTPC. It's running XUbuntu (12.04, will upgrade in spare time) with XBMC. Everything works great, except one thing.

The computer is connected to a projector which will not turn itself on when computer starts. I like it (and I'm pretty sure most projectors work like that), because I can turn computer on headless, schedule some media download, use it as a NAS or whatever else I want, and turn the projector just when I want to use it.

Unfortunately, the display server won't start without active display device and XUbuntu doesn't detect that some display became active - so, if I turn the computer and then, after some time, the projector, all I got is black screen.

I would like to setup a solution that would detect that the projector is on, and then start desktop manager (lightdm in my case). I know that I can add a task to cron that would try to start lightdm every minute, but I'm pretty sure there's a better solution. I've already tried using ddccontrol, but it works only when desktop is running, so it's of no use for me.

As for technical details - the projector is connected via HDMI and the graphics card is tiny NVidia GeForce 6150 LE.

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