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I never thought I would end up here after having dealt with Windows and Ubuntu and dual booting and Grub and BUrg(because it's pretty) in the past year. But right now I am completely baffled.

So what happened was, quite some time ago I had installed Windows 8 on a system that already had Ubuntu on it. I knew it was easy to restore access to Ubuntu by installing grub from a live usb stick afterwards. Thing is, I simply stuck to Windows for a long time. After a while I remembered 60 GB of my hard drive were unused an unaccesible so I just booted up a live USB stick with ubuntu and installed Grub so I could access both Win 8 and Ubuntu but then I thought I should do a fresh install of the latest Ubuntu 13.10 so I did.

Problem is... now that that's done, no matter how many times I tried installing grub or using a boot-repair I just cannot get into windows anymore.

I tried booting the ububntu live USB and when I look into Gparted all I can see is two small partitions /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 and a huge one /dev/sda3 with an exclamation mark on it and a file system named crypt-luks.

Now what I am thinking is the whole hard drive is somehow encrypted now and messing with my boot manager. Also, I should add, from BIOS I have 3 pathways I can boot from, two of which are identical (something with Ubuntu in their names) and a Microsoft one but it doesn't work.

I apologize if this is a bit unclear, it's quite late here and I'm so tired from trying to fix this.

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