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I have been using ubuntu 13.10 for the past year or so, and everything was fine until I decided to try out Debian. I attempted to install the standard version (command line) of Debian on a spare USB, via first copying the live image file on to USB 1, and booting from there.

When I got into the graphical installer of Debian, I went though the installation, and choose to install Debian from USB 1 onto USB 2. During the process, I was asked if I want to rewrite(?) the boot record, and I was warned to only do so if there is only 1 operating system installed.

I assumed it was talking about the boot partition on my USB, and there was only one OS on that, which was Debian. Therefore, I innocently clicked yes, and went on. Later on, the Debian installation did not work, (when I plugged in USB 2 and booted from it only the flashing underline symbol came up, and nothing else) I decided to go back to my well used ubuntu system

Problem is, it doesn't boot anymore. When I restart my computer with no USB or external boot media attached, rather than going to Ubuntu 13.10, it entered into Grub rescue mode.

    GRUB loading.
    Welcome to GRUB!

    error: no such device: [UUID]
    Entering rescue mode...
    grub rescue>_

That is the screen i see now. I tried to list the commands by doing help, man, and ?, but they don't seem to work

My hypothesis of the situation is that the Debian installation wrote on the boot record of my computer's hard drive, and now it won't boot from any other disk except for my Debian usb ('USB 2') which doesn't work anyways.

How can I fix my boot record? Currently the resources at my disposal are internet access, another computer running windows 7, and a spare 7.9 GB usb that I can load a ubuntu rescue image(?) on to if necessary.

Please help!

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You need to reinstall grub: askubuntu.com/q/88384/8500 –  psusi Mar 29 '14 at 19:34
My main partition is encrypted using crypt-luks, what do I do now? I know the encryption password, but the filesystem can't access it due to the encryption –  user3367792 Mar 29 '14 at 21:20

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