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64-bit 11.04 installed with the proprietary NVIDIA (current) enabled, all updates applied as of today.

I'm having trouble setting up my second monitor. I have no panel or window decorations on the second monitor. How do I make them appear?

I'm using the current NVIDIA proprietary driver with their settings-manager. The second screen configured as a separate X screen, no Twinview.

This post recommended running metacity --replace, that brought the window decorations back but killed desktop effects, the panel on my primary monitor, as well as my launcher bar.

I tried to grab a screenshot of the second screen, but the image taken was of the primary screen, even though I manually selected a portion on the second monitor...strange.

This post recommends making sure 'Window Decoration' is checked in CompizConfig Settings Manager, it is, and has been by default since install.

The top answer to this post has it set up with Twinview. That doesn't work for me, since fullscreen Flash video with Twinview reverts back to my primary monitor. The second is a HDTV that I will only use for fullscreen video playback.

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These bugs might be relevant: #779867, #711456, #779124

Alternatives are to try Twinview Cloning or Ubuntu Classic.

There are workarounds for fullscreen flash depending on the source.

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Thanks, I like Unity but I'll try Classic when I want to watch video on the second (large) screen. Cloning won't work for me as both screens are near each other and that would be distracting. – Tom Brossman May 21 '11 at 17:20

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