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Installed on my MacBook Pro Early 2011, and I've encountered this problem before where my mouse will move around the screen but won't select anything. I can't click to navigate anything and all has to be done through my keyboard. Just a little frustrating.

Any help?

Update: I found the problem to be linked to my mad catz gaming mouse. When I have it plugged in, the cursor does as mentioned, but when I unplug it, everything's fine. But in-case this problem ever happens to me, an answer will still work for me.

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I knew exactly what your problem was before your comment because I also own a RAT and took me forever to figure out what to google for.

Basically what you need to do is manually map all the buttons in the xorg. Here is the link to the solution.

What is happening is your RAT needs a driver and linux isn't taking the button inputs correctly. Your symptom is due to the fact that it doesn't know how to click off. This gives it the illusion that none of your buttons are working. One workout around until you fix this is to unplug/replug or change mouse modes (RAT 7 and 9 only). You will get one click each time. Or just use a different mouse until you make the changes.

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Thank you so much man, gaming can continue. – user263005 Mar 28 '14 at 22:59

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