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I use maximus Install maximus to force applications to open in a maximized window, as suggested in this answer. [1] However, Pidgin message windows are not affected. When I start Pidgin, my buddy list doesn't appear [2] and my automatic group chats start, but they appear in the top left of the screen, not maximized.

How can I get Pidgin chat windows to start maximized? [3] Can I add/modify the Pidgin gtkrc file?

[1] I found it the simplest reliable solution of those given. It didn't seem to work 100% in 12.04, but targets 99% of windows in 13.10.

[2] By choice. If I do allow it to appear on startup, it will appear maximized.

[3] I'd prefer not to switch to another maximizer, unless it is as trivial to install. Devil's Pie, while very flexible, requires configuration. As a last resort, I considered installing DP just to make a Pidgin rule.

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